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Barcelona is a vibrant and lively city in an excellent location as it enjoys from the sea and few km away from skiing mountains, with very good connections with the rest of the world and Europe main cities. The combination of its warm climate, its intense cultural scene and its stable economy make it an attractive place to live and invest.

At Homesearch Barcelona we think these are the main reasons to invest in Barcelona:


  • Privilieged location: Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, which makes it a popular tourist detination. In addition, it is an importnat European Hub for Europe and other international destinations.
  • Growing economy: The Catalan capital is one of the most important cities in Spain in economic terms. It has a broad base of industries, incluidng technology, toursim and financial services.
  • Stable housing market: Unlike other cities, the housing market in Barcelona is stable and has proven to be resistant to economic fluctuations.
  • Guaranteed income: By investing in a rental property in Barcelona, it is possible to obtain a regular and predictable income stream.
  • Appreciation potential: Properties in Barcelona tend to revalue over time, thanks to the fact that the real estate market here is stable and solid, which means that the value of the properties will increase over time.
  • High demand: Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain, with a large number of tourists and people looking to settle here. This means that the demand for housing is high and constant.
  • Profitability / Return: Investing in housing in Barcelona is a sure way to obtain a constant and attractive return. The average return is the city is of the 4% per year.
  • Diversification: Investing in housing in Barcelona is a way to diversify your portfolio and minimize risk.


Investing in housing in Barcelona can be a good option for those looking for a safe investment, with an attractive return and constant appreciation.



Renovate a property in Barcelona: what you need to know about it

Are you thinking of renovating your home or your investment in the city?

Before doing anything, it is very important to be well informed of all the requirements and necessary documents to get started and not have future surprises and to get down to work safely.

Depending on the type of work that we are going to carry out, we will have to follow certain procedures and we must always consult with the local administration in order to find out what the necessary requirements as there is certain documents that are mandatory when starting a property renovation.

If its about simple works, with no change of structure, a minor work license will have to be requested and on some occasion a responsibility declaration is also required. For those small-scale jobs or some simple improvements such as renovation works in kitchens and bathrooms, floor and wall changes (not structural or supporting walls), renovation of facilities or paintings, only this minor work permit is needed.

If it’s a more complex refurbishment, you will have to request a major work license together with the reform project. A complex renovation is one that affects structural elements and are usually large scale works and with a significant economic cost, which is why its important to have the project from and architect or technical architect that will guarantee all the works are going to be carried out in a safe way and according to the local laws.

In any case, the requirements always vary from one city to another and it is always important to carry out the process with prior communication to the neighbours and City Hall. Likewise, it is always convenient to communicate to the community of owners the intention of the works we will carry out.

At Homesearch Barcelona we are specialized in works and renovations and we have all the necessary resources to design and improve your property. We take care of successfully managing all the renovations works with our trusted builders. 


If you are thinking to purchase a house, apartment or building in Barcelona you will probably have a lot of doubts and questions… that is why, we always recommend to be assisted by a professional.

How to revalue your property with a refurbishment

If you are thinking of selling a property and you have a budget (doesn’t have to be an expensive one) to carry out a renovation project, the chances of sale, in addition to revaluing its price, are very high. It is very important to know which are the most valued elements by potential buyers.

How to do a Real Estate Appraisal

One of the most important steps in a sale transaction is the appraisal of the property since it’s a necessary procedure in case of asking for mortgage finance.

Property rentability

The high profitability of properties in Barcelona

During 2022, the profitability of property rentals in the city of Barcelona climbed to 5.7% and continues to rise. 

Advantages for property owners of middle term rental contracts (monthly leases)

When we think about renting a property usually what comes to our minds is the traditional long term contract, however, there are other rental alternatives that we should have in mind in order to obtain the most of it and best return of a property investment in a secure way, such as the middle term or monthly rent (that should be of a minimum of 32 nights).

Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona, the Christmas festivities begin with the Fira de Santa Llúcia or Santa Lucia Fair, it’s a Christmas market that takes place in the Cathedral of Barcelona around each year.

saving energy

Saving Energy

Winter is coming … And now is the time to start thinking about how you will save energy during this season.

Flat at Barcelona

Flat full renovation

Finding the perfect property is a great challenge and that’s why we want to help with all our expertise knowing Barcelona City, and 20 years of experience giving all our clients everything they need. 

Golden Visa, living in Spain

Golden Visa, how you can live in Spain

If you belong to a non-EU country, there is a way for you to get legal residence in Spain. It is called Golden Visa. What does this mean?

Barcelona Neighborhoods

Barcelona's Neighborhoods

Barcelona is a multicultural city that attracts people from all over the world all year round, as its coastal climate means that the city can be enjoyed any day of the year.

Living in Barcelona.

Have you had the experience of living in Barcelona?

Bedroom style trend

Bedroom Deco trends

Bedroom style trends. All you need to know for decorating your bedroom. 

Renovating a flat

Is it more convenient to buy property ready to move in or is it better to renovate?

The difference between buying a new apartment or one in perfect condition with respect to one that needs some kind of repairs will be the amount you will need for the initial investment. There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. It will depend on the destination of the property, the time you have to start living in it, etc. 

Becoming a home owner

Having the possibility of being a homeowner

Have you ever thought about investing your real estate dollars in Europe?

What type of investment is the most convenient?

What type of investment is the most convenient?

When you invest to generate an income, one alternative is to invest in properties. That is why we look for your investment to be the best.

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